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Admissions Coordinator

Status: Full-time Exempt Position

Report to: Family Services Manager

Job Summary: The Admissions Coordinator is responsible for managing the preadmission process and Empowerment training programming and supporting students as they work towards and transition into program residency.

Primary Responsibilities:
A. Direct Services
o Serve as initial point of contact for prospective applicants.
o Screen applications and determine program eligibility through administering IDA and Pre-admissions evaluations.
o Interview applicants to determine program fit and readiness.
o Provide feedback, update as necessary, and implement policies and procedures related to the admissions process.
o Collaborate with Family Services, Child Development Centers, and property management partner to ensure a seamless transition into residency for Jeremiah families.
o Provide and promote confidentiality at all times.
o Maintain efficient, confidential and organized student files.
o Coordinate partnership with local government to assure housing grants and agreements are met.
o Track all relevant applicant/pre-admissions data in Apricot – Jeremiah Program’s client data management system.
o Meet with families weekly or biweekly for coaching, addressing key areas including personal health, education, career development, legal, finances, parenting/child development, and any immediate need resources/referrals.
o Provide crisis intervention and resources/referrals as needed.
o Actively conducts outreach and community presentations at events and community-based organizations to recruit eligible candidates for program enrollment.
B. Program Support
o Implement Empowerment classes based on forecasted occupancy needs and ensure that volunteer Empowerment facilitators are supported in their role.
o Organize the student orientation event which proceeds Empowerment.
o Participate and provide input at staff and committee meetings as assigned. Engage in strategic discussions involving program admissions and residency.
o Partner with local high schools, colleges, universities, county agencies and service providers for quality referrals and alternative resources for families.
o Communicate regularly with volunteer Empowerment facilitators, Family Services, and CDC.
C. Leadership
o Provide leadership in the student review process - seek options and solutions using a strengths- based team approach.
o Maintain professional conduct at all times and contribute to the inclusiveness and safe learning environment of Jeremiah Program in conjunction with the mission.
o Keep informed of emerging policy issues affecting Family Services including environmental, governmental and community trends.
o Leverage volunteers and interns to increase organizational capacity.
D. Other Duties as assigned
o All Jeremiah Program employees are mandated reporters and are legally required to ensure a report is made when abuse is observed or suspected.

• BA/BS in education, human services, social work or related field and 3-4 year’s experience working with diverse populations.
• Significant experience in the areas of project management and student case management.
• Thorough knowledge of education opportunities and community resources including county resources, benefits, and assistance programs.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Detail orientated and organized.
• Ability to work in a team environment, interact with management, direct service staff and participants to improve service delivery and further the development of participants.
• Ability to problem-solve, multi-task, complete work on time and work independently.
• Proficiency in computer skills, i.e. Microsoft, Sharepoint and ability to learn Apricot database.
• Passion for the Jeremiah Program mission and values.

Email or call 612-259-3025.