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NDANO offers live in-person and online learning opportunities for nonprofits, often with partners. Members receive discounted rates on all NDANO events. All times are Central unless otherwise indicated.

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NDANO Policy Confab & Everyday Advocacy-Jamestown

Wednesday, October 23, 2019
1:15 pm3:30 pm
Jamestown TBD

NDANO is hitting the road to start a statewide conversation about giving incentives, fundraising trends and other policy issues impacting nonprofits. Plus we will share some strategies to help your nonprofit engage in everyday advocacy. Join us for one or both of these free events.

We'll explore different types of advocacy, strategies for engagement and how to inspire others to join you in your advocacy efforts, especially when your plate is already full.

POLICY CONFAB: 2:30-3:30 p.m.
A lot of policy changes have impact charitable giving over the last few years, from 2017 federal tax reform to the new IRS rule on state tax credits. Plus there were efforts to expand and diminish state-level giving incentives this past legislative session. Join us for a conversation about what's happening with giving in North Dakota and how we can collectively promote the value of the state nonprofit sector to increase contributions for all nonprofits. We'll also talk about other policy issues on the horizon that impact nonprofits.

Anne Carlsen Center
Conference Rm 410
701 3rd St NW
Jamestown, ND 58402