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Learning & Event Calendar

NDANO offers live in-person and online learning opportunities for nonprofits, often with partners. Members receive discounted rates on all NDANO events. All times are Central unless otherwise indicated.

Do you have a learning opportunity or event for North Dakota nonprofits to add to our calendar? Email NDANO with the details.

Engaging Support: Making the Right Decisions with Confidence

Thursday, October 29, 2020
1:00 pm2:15 pm
NDANO Partnership Webinar
Engaging Support: Making the Right Decisions with Confidence

Presenter: Kentucky Nonprofit Network (KNN)
Cost: $35 NDANO Members with code and $55 Nonmembers (Login to Members Only Portal for code)

This fast-paced presentation will center on questions many nonprofits are facing when it comes to engaging supporters, from corporate sponsors to donors to volunteers and influencers. What approaches should be altered during this challenging time and what must change to keep moving forward? It is a broad arena for sure! Three components will be focused on:

  • Lessons Learned Post 9-11: Understand how nonprofits responded when the country’s focus was elsewhere. What worked. What did not. And what insights will help us make the right decisions today when it comes to engagement planning.
  • Evaluating Current Tactics: We will look at what is most likely to happen and why along with a series of tough questions, largely focused on events, campaigns, and strategies. Pepper in case studies from different sized organizations and the right decisions for your organization’s more complex engagement challenges come to light.
  • The Bigger Picture: In challenging times, nonprofit volunteers and leaders must come together around a process that organizes the outreach and stewardship of individual donors, corporate sponsors, and foundations. Walkthrough one model that works, even when folks are social distancing.

Examples and content will draw from various sized organizations in various sized markets. So, no one will be left out of the conversation. And board members are strongly encouraged to attend! Attendees who would like to connect with Parker before the session will be invited to do so via an optional short survey that will be sent in the registration confirmation email. And while there will be time for questions and answers, those interested in more detailed responses will have the opportunity to sign up for a 15-minute private Q & A session with her during Call-In Days, Nov. 9 & 10. (Limited space available.)

Other Notes: This is a live webinar and will NOT be recorded.

And when you register, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a short survey to tell Parker Harrington about your specific challenges/concerns. Just know that examples from the workshop are pulled from various sized markets and organizations, so no one is left out! Board members are strongly encouraged to attend! If you have any questions, you’re welcome to email her directly with questions –

Presenter: The workshop is presented by Parker Harrington, founder, and owner of Sponsorship Plus, a national firm dedicated to helping nonprofits fulfill their mission and positively impact their communities. Parker is known for ethical approaches to galvanize sponsors and donors, engage deeply committed volunteers and inspire influencers to act. She enjoys building and leading diverse teams of staff and board and is appreciated for her high energy, knowledge, and generosity in sharing her expertise.