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NDANO offers live in-person and online learning opportunities for nonprofits, often with partners. Members receive discounted rates on all NDANO events. All times are Central unless otherwise indicated.

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Inspired Perspectives | Mock Discovery Request: A Case Analysis

Wednesday, April 21, 2021
10:30 am11:30 am

Presenter: Eide Bailly
Cost: Free


Perhaps you haven’t dealt with electronic discovery for a while, are uncomfortable with next steps and/or are just looking for an outside resource to help confirm and/or support a current or upcoming case. Eide Bailly performs a variety of fraud and forensic services including cellphone forensics, digital forensics, eDiscovery and forensic accounting. We help attorneys gather the necessary information to build a case for their client and we serve as an expert to counsel and your team.

During this webinar, their team will review the discovery process by answering the following questions, all from the electronic evidence standpoint:

-What is fair/standard?
-What is over-reaching?
-What’s normal?
-And, what’s missing?

Learning Objectivet:
-Review the discovery process
-Identify how Eide Bailly can help
-Outline current discovery cases

About the Presenters:
Kaly Richmond, CMFF, CASA | Eide Bailly
Richmond oversees all of the electronic discovery work handled by Eide Bailly. She has been a part of the legal industry for over 10 years and has worked on many various forms of litigation. On top of that, she is a highly competent digital forensic examiner. She actively dives deep into cases needing deep analysis and provides a simple easy to understand explanation of her findings. Richmond is a certified forensic cell phone examiner utilizing many forms and techniques to not only extract data, but to also analyze data in large and small litigation cases.

Trent Leavitt, Digital Forensics & eDiscovery Manager | Eide Bailly
Since 2005, Leavitt has been providing computer forensics, cell phone forensics and eDiscovery solutions to his clients. While some may think of Eide Bailly as the tax and audit company, professionals like Leavitt round out the services the company provides. Whether he’s investigating intellectual property theft, assisting a law enforcement agency or sifting through cell phone data in a family law case, Leavitt's goal is to uncover the truth for his clients.