Insurance Programs

  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
    Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

    Berkley Select has developed a program specifically designed to respond to the unique liability exposures of directors and officers of nonprofit organizations. The NDANO program provides comprehensive director and officer liability coverage and is administered by the Bain Agency. Premiums, which start at $400, will vary based on total assets, number of employees and activities of the nonprofit.

    Download the flyer or contact Jared Blackwood at 701-595-7770 for more information.

  • Unemployment Savings Program
    Unemployment Savings Program

    NDANO established a partnership with First Nonprofit Group to provide members with an alternative to the state unemployment insurance tax system. Their unemployment programs offer reduced unemployment expenses, improved cash flow, earned interest on reserve accounts, expert claims advice and stop loss protection in the event of unforeseen circumstances to nearly 2,000 organizations across the country.

    For more information view this document or complete the free evaluation to find out how much you can save or contact Elizabeth Medina at 312-715-3017.

  • Dental & Vision Plans
    Dental & Vision Plans

    NDANO and Noridian Insurance Services have partnered to provide members with options for dental and vision insurance, as well as long-term care policies. Companion Dental Insurance is available for any dentist nationwide. The Avesis vision plan is a network product, so you will need to go to a participating provider.

    For more information about dental or vision plans, contact Julie Schirado at 800-575-9643 and tell her your organization is a NDANO member.