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Meet a Member: Consensus Council

Consensus Council

The mission of the Consensus Council is to assist citizens and leaders in reaching agreements on difficult issues of public policy. To effectively do this work, the Consensus Council uses a model that has been developed and refined over the past 25 years:
Results-oriented consensus processes that go beyond general agreements to actual policy implementation;
Grassroots community consultations that allow citizens to voice their values, concerns and priorities;
Forums for diverse citizens and leaders to establish relationships, study and discuss problems, and build agreements; and
Expert documentation and development of agreements as legislation, rules, projects or other tools for legislative, executive, judicial, and private-sector consideration and implementation.

The Consensus Council has successfully worked at the community, state, regional, national and international levels to impact a variety of people on a diverse array of substantive issues. From early initiatives like the tool-chest legislation and end-of-life decision making to more recent work in the area of economic security, mental health services and natural resources planning, the Consensus Council creates an environment that keeps the discussion comfortable for dialogue among all participants, yet stays focused on the issue at hand.

To learn more about the Consensus Council, visit the website or contact Rose Stoller at 701-224-0588.