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Practical Information (IT) Security for Nonprofits

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
2:00 pm3:00 pm
NDANO Partner Webinar

Host: Washington Nonprofits
Cost: $20

NDANO is pleased to partner with Washington Nonprofits to offer you this this 60-minute webinar, where you'll learn how to identify and inoculate your organizations against the very real and persistent security threats that are out there. In this webinar you'll also come away with concrete tools and questions for your IT provider to equip your organization to take a more proactive and effective approach to security.

Topics covered:
• Most Common IT Threats/Challenges Facing Nonprofits (more than just viruses and spyware)
• Proactivity and Planning Are Key
• Common-Sense Security, in Plain English
• 10 Specific Things Any Nonprofit Can do to Increase Data/Information Security
• Questions for Your IT Provider (with answers)
• Free Nonprofit IT Security Guide
• Q&A

*Intended audience: Executive directors, board members, operations directors, financial directors.

Join us for this interactive workshop; together we are smarter and stronger.

John Coleman of 1123IT has more than 20 years' experience working with organizations to optimize and secure their IT operations, investments, and data. From friendly IT services for nonprofits, to helping nonprofit organizations make smart IT decisions and purchases, 1123IT provides helpful, supportive IT services that organizations can use to help them thrive. For more information about 1123IT please visit: