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Speaking Opportunities for 2022 Virtual Nonprofit Leadership Conference

June 8-9 ● Minot

Earn a free conference registration by sharing your knowledge!

NDANO invites you to submit an educational session proposal(s) for the 2022 Nonprofit Leadership Conference June 8-9 in Minot. Share your knowledge and perspective with attendees on new trends and best practices for governance, accountability, fundraising, advocacy, communication, human resources, planning, financial management, technology, and evaluation.

Educational sessions provide an opportunity for leaders from nonprofits of all sizes, types and backgrounds to examine how others in the profession work to achieve their missions. NDANO invites proposals that examine different points of view, involve innovative thinking and provide new approaches to problem-solving.

All sessions are expected to be 60 minutes, including Q&A. NDANO reserves the right to suggest modifications to session proposals, adjust session titles and descriptions to better align with the conference goals, and reject any proposal that is geared to marketing a specific product or service.

Selected session presenters will be notified by March 1, 2022.

Session Proposal Requirements

Email a Word document to by Dec. 6 with the following information:

Session Information

  • Title & Description (maximum 150 words)
  • Type (formal presentation, facilitated discussion, other)
  • Target Audience (experience: beginner, intermediate, advanced) (organization size: small, medium, large)
  • Learning Objectives (1-3)

Presenter Information

  • Name & Organization
  • Contact Information (mailing address, email, phone, website if applicable)
  • Bio (including working/speaking experience on proposed topic; maximum 150 words)
  • References (3 with contact information)