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Online Learning Cohort: Evaluation

September - December 2019

Third Wednesday from 11 a.m. - Noon CT

NDANO is committed to helping members build their organizational capacity by connecting within our network. We are excited to launch our first-ever online learning cohort focused on evaluation this fall. Our cohort will be accessible to all members anywhere via Zoom online.

Building from the positive feedback from Dr. Steve Patty's conference keynote on evaluation, NDANO is offering this four-month opportunity to further explore this critical responsibility for nonprofits. As Steve says, "Evaluation is leadership." Join us for this important discussion!

Schedule and Objectives

SESSION ONE: Sept. 18 - Kickoff with Evaluation Expert Dr. Steve Patty

What every leader needs to know about evaluation by Dr. Patty and an overview of the Project Impact opportunity

  • Consider fundamental ideas for evaluating your impact
  • Learn a key model to frame data and data collection

SESSION TWO: Oct. 16 - Getting the House in Order

Preparing your organization for data collection, analysis and strategic implementation

  • Learn the process of organizational compartmentalization and departmental identification
  • Learn the process of identifying programmatic indicators that reflect interventions

SESSION THREE: Nov. 20 - Opening and Strengthening Communication Channels

Creating tools and infrastructure needed for intentional program evaluation

  • Develop the skills needed to create data collection instruments
  • Learn about tools and infrastructure needed to collect and store programming assessment data

SESSION FOUR: Dec. 18 - Understanding What We’re Hearing

Using the information provided to do right by those we serve

  • Learn simple, useful ways of understanding qualitative and quantitative data
  • Learn how to prepare the results for public consumption

Evaluation Resources