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Census 2020

Nonprofits, Let's Help Make It Sure It's Fair, Accurate and Complete

It's safe, simple and confidential to be counted!

Everyone's privacy matters, and responding to the 2020 Census is confidential. Census data is protected by Title 13 and violators are subject to fines and imprisonment. Individual data is not released to anyone or any state or federal agency.

It's safe and simple - Census 2020 contains just 10 easy questions to be completed online, by mail or over the phone.


Why Census 2020 Matters to North Dakota

  • Dollars: The allocation of federal funds to states depends on the decennial data. In fiscal year 2015, $1.45 billion in federal funds were allocated to programs in North Dakota based upon resident count from Census 2010 and subsequent annual population estimates.
  • Data: Information collected will inform decision makers in all sectors and lead to allocation of financial resources at all levels and adjustments to state legislative district boundaries.
  • Decade: Results will influence individuals, communities, governments, for-profit entities and nonprofit organizations throughout the next decade; there's no do-over for 10 years.


What's the Financial Impact If Everyone Isn't Counted in North Dakota?

Take Action: What Nonprofits Can Do

Nonprofits are encouraged to engage and help ensure a fair, accurate and complete count, particularly in hard-to-count areas in North Dakota.

  • Promote the importance of responding to Census 2020 to your stakeholders, including clients, volunteers, donors, board members and staff, through your regular communication channels, including print, web and social media.
  • Work with city, county and tribal leaders to create and engage in local Complete Count Committees (volunteer committees of government and community leaders from different sectors established to increase awareness about the census and promote participation).
  • Identify and partner with organizations and community stakeholders that are already connected to hard-to-count communities and have built strong relationships and trust.
  • Use the resources below to take action and spread the word about the importance of a fair, accurate and complete count for North Dakota.

Resource Links