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On-Demand Courses

NDANO has partnered with MindEdge to offer a great option for busy North Dakota nonprofit professionals looking to gain the skills they need on their own time, at their own pace and from any location.

Courses are designed for adult learners using a combination of interactive exercises, case studies, real-world examples and video. An “Ask the Expert” feature provides answers to all course questions within 24 hours. All courses are web-based, self-paced and approved for CFRE and CEU credits.

NDANO members receive a 10% discount on all courses for a limited time. Visit the members-only section for the discount code.

Course categories include nonprofit management, security awareness, marketing, HR and management.

Nonprofit Management

  • Cost: $699.00 | CEUs: 4.4 (Contact Hours: 44) | CFRE Credits: 23
    This online certificate program introduces learners to key current management issues for nonprofits. Fundraising, board and volunteer development, budgeting, reading financial statements, leadership, marketing and setting strategic direction are all addressed, and video commentary on these crucial topics will give you insight into how nonprofit professionals apply key concepts in their own organizations. Each 3- to 5-hour, self-paced course offers an assortment of interactive exercises, videos, selected readings, case studies and self-assessments that will engage you and help you practice effective decision making in a nonprofit setting.

  • Cost: $99.00 | CEUs: .5 (Contact Hours: 5)
    There are many differences between nonprofit organizations and for-profit organizations. Before delving into the details of nonprofit management, this course serves as a critical introduction to the fundamentals of nonprofits. You will gain an understanding of the nonprofit sector and the issues that leaders face in this field. You will also be exposed to the major areas of responsibility for nonprofit leaders, including strategy, managing employees and volunteers, fundraising, grant writing, board governance, marketing, innovation and social media.

  • Cost: $150.00 | CEUs: .4 (Contact Hours: 4) | CFRE Credits: 4
    Fundraising is one of the central activities of a nonprofit organization. To help finance operating budgets, nonprofits must raise money every year. In addition, special projects and improvements to facilities may be needed. In these situations, fundraisers will often launch large capital campaigns or apply for foundation grants. This course offers an introduction to fundraising for nonprofit organizations, with an emphasis on the fundamental issues.

  • Cost: $150.00 | CEUs: .5 (Contact Hours: 5) | CFRE Credits: 5
    Volunteers are the lifeblood of most nonprofit organizations. And board members are a special type of volunteer, helping to guide the direction of a nonprofit, promote the organization in the community and ensure that the nonprofit's mission is fulfilled. Learning how best to manage the board and other volunteers is a critical part of nonprofit management. This course covers the fundamentals of board and volunteer development as well as recruiting, effective communication and retention.

  • Cost: $79.00 | CEUs: .3 (Contact Hours: 3)
    When we think of marketing, we typically think of the activities that a for-profit company engages in. However, marketing is an important function for nonprofit organizations as well. Effective marketing is how nonprofits determine the needs of their clients and their donors. As in the for-profit world, nonprofit marketing includes advertising, promotion, public relations and customer relationship management. This course examines how nonprofits use marketing to publicize their mission and to gather contributions of time and money. The course also discusses marketing planning.

  • Cost: $79.00 | CEUs: .5 (Contact Hours: 5)
    Effective use of social media as a marketing tool is often essential for nonprofits to get attention in this digital world. This course introduces learners to the use of social media in communicating, marketing, public relations and fundraising for nonprofits. It explores the major social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest) as vehicles for nonprofits to reach their members, volunteers and donors.

  • Cost: $79.00 | CEUs: .4 (Contact Hours: 4)
    This course is a how-to guide for anyone who's got a great idea about how to give back to the community—but doesn't know how to turn that idea into a reality. The course begins by considering a fundamental question: Is starting a nonprofit the best way to achieve your philanthropic goals? For those who answer "Yes," the course then discusses the key steps in getting a nonprofit off the ground, including incorporating your organization; applying for tax-exempt status; drafting a business plan; choosing a board of directors and writing bylaws for the organization; recruiting employees and managing volunteers; and addressing the crucial issue of fundraising. Rich with videos and interactive content, this course provides a detailed and highly practical introduction to the world of nonprofits.

Security Awareness

  • Cost: $15.00 | CEUs: .2 (Contact Hours: 2)
    MindEdge's Security Awareness Online Training teaches employees to identify and prevent security breaches before they happen. For four cents per day per employee, your staff will have year-long, anytime, anywhere access to our highly-rated online security awareness training. This comprehensive training spans the facets of security awareness from in-office to remote security, email to phishing attacks, malware to ransomware, cloud to social media, and more. In addition, the optional phishing simulation features the ability to simulate phishing attacks to test employees' ability to recognize and respond to attempted attacks.


  • Cost: $89.00 | CEUs: .35 (Contact Hours: 3.5)
    This course offers an introduction to content marketing, a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. With an emphasis on key concepts, definitions and metrics, the course examines ways that marketers can tailor their content to meet the specific needs of potential customers as they travel through the sales funnel. Learners will explore how content is used to build brand awareness and establish the brand as a trusted source of expert advice.

  • Cost: $79.00
    CEUs: .3 (Contact Hours: 3)
    As consumers increasingly turn to the digital marketplace of the internet, organizations recognize that they can better reach and connect with their customers, clients or prospects through digital marketing. There are many benefits to effective digital marketing including improved brand perception, more efficient lead generation and better customer satisfaction levels. That can translate into the sale of more products and services. Creating a digital marketing strategy is crucial to meeting the marketing goals of the organization. This course offers a step-by-step introduction to the process of creating such a strategy, with an emphasis on key concepts, definitions and metrics.

HR Management

  • Cost: $79.00
    Total PDUs/Contact Hours: 3 | Leadership PDUs: 0.5 | Strategic & Business Mgmt PDUs: 2 | Technical PM PDUs: 0.5
    CEUs: .3 (Contact Hours: 3)
    Human Resource Management includes the vital tasks of recruiting, screening, interviewing, training, appraising, disciplining, rewarding, and developing the employee—both for business and non-profit enterprises. Since all managers have HR responsibilities, it is important that they have an understanding of the key concepts of this increasingly important function, especially since many decisions they make about employees have possible legal ramifications. This introductory-level course draws on material from Harvard Business School professor D. Quinn Mills' book, Principles of Human Resource Management.

  • Cost: $79.00 | CEUs: .3 (Contact Hours: 3)
    Understanding compensation practices and policies is crucial for any business owner, HR professional or manager. In this introductory-level course, you will consider issues surrounding the key aspects of pay policy: legal requirements, pay equity within an organization, competitive pay within the relevant industry, how and when to grant raises, and different ways payment can be structured. Earn SHRM and HRCI credit as you develop your compensation expertise.


  • Cost: $99.00 | CEUs: .6 (Contact Hours: 6)
    As a manager, you will undoubtedly deal with conflict. And as you look around to figure out who will keep the peace, you might be realizing that person is now you. This course introduces the various forms of conflict that can arise in the workplace and presents strategies that managers can use to help deal with conflict situations. It includes video commentary from an expert in the field and presents some fictitious real-world scenarios that allow learners to practice applying the skills and strategies discussed throughout the course.

  • Cost: $79.00 | CEUs: .3 (Contact Hours: 3)
    Managers who lead and manage through coaching—providing encouragement, feedback and support—are more successful in "working through others." This course focuses on the skills and techniques of positive coaching in an organizational setting including listening actively, providing constructive feedback based on observation, reinforcing positive employee performance through recognition and praise, and teaching new skills.

  • Cost: $79.00 | CEUs: .3 (Contact Hours: 3)
    One of the more precious resources a manager has is his or her time. Managers can become more effective by employing time management and scheduling techniques, delegating, outsourcing key tasks and employing technology. Effective time management helps managers achieve their goals. The concepts covered in this course will help create structure around your time management skills and will help reveal any weaknesses in your time management habits. Making time management a priority is often the first step to keeping on task and maintaining a schedule.