Federal Policy

NDANO works with the National Council of Nonprofits and its state association network to monitor federal legislative issues and distributes biweekly newsletters to members.

Preserving Nonprofit Nonpartisanship

The Johnson Amendment is the longstanding law that protects charitable organizations from demands for political endorsements and engagement in other partisan activities. NDANO strongly believes current law requiring charitable nonprofits to remain nonpartisan is the best way to advance missions and work as partners with all levels of government. 

Sign the Community Letter in Support of Nonpartisanship, if your organization hasn’t already, and forward the link to colleague organizations and encourage their support. More than 5,600 charitable, religious, and philanthropic organizations have joined this letter in calling on Members of Congress to oppose “efforts to weaken and/or repeal the current law that for six decades has successfully protected the integrity and effectiveness of charitable nonprofits and foundations by keeping them apart from partisan politics.” Read the letter and see who has already signed

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Support for Charitable Giving Incentives

NDANO supports continuation of the federal charitable deduction, as well as a universal, or non-itemizer, deduction. Learn more.

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