Qualified North Dakota Endowments

The state of North Dakota provides tax credits for gifts to qualified endowments (see details at bottom of page). Below is a self-reported list of NDANO members that have a qualified nonprofit. This list is provided for informational purposes only; donors should use due diligence in determining where to allocate their charitable contributions and should consult their attorney, accountant or financial advisor for advice.

  • NDCF manages many individual qualified endowment funds, including the ones listed below, along with the Statewide Greatest Needs Endowment Fund.

    Local Community Endowment Funds
    Adams County Community Foundation
    Anamoose Area Community Foundation
    Ashley Community Endowment Fund
    Bismarck/Mandan Community Foundation
    Bottineau Community Endowment Fund
    Bowman/Slope Community Foundation
    Breckenridge/Wahpeton Community Foundation
    Carrington Community Endowment Fund
    Casselton Community Endowment Fund
    Cavalier Community Foundation
    Clarence Johnson & Eunice Iwen Community Foundation for Arthur, ND
    Cooperstown Community Foundation
    Dickinson Area Community Foundation
    Drayton Area Community Foundation
    Ellendale Area Community Foundation
    Emerado Community Endowment Fund
    Enderlin Area Community Endowment Fund
    Fairmount Community Endowment Fund
    Finley Community Endowment Fund
    Galesburg Area Foundation
    Garrison Area Community Foundation
    Glen Ullin Area Community Foundation
    Golden Valley County Community Foundation
    Grafton Community Endowment Fund
    Hannaford Area Community Foundation
    Harvey Area Community Foundation
    Hebron Community Foundation
    Hillsboro Community Foundation
    Hope Area Community Foundation
    Hurdsfield Community Endowment Fund
    Jamestown Community Foundation
    Kenmare Area Community Foundation
    Killdeer Area Community Foundation
    Kindred Area Community Foundation
    Larimore Community Endowment Fund
    Larry J. Wilwant Fund for Pembina, ND
    Lisbon Community Endowment Fund
    Maddock Community Endowment Fund
    McKenzie County Community Foundation
    Minnewaukan Community Endowment Fund
    Minot Community Endowment Fund
    Mohall Area Community Foundation
    Mott-Regent Community Foundation
    New England Community Foundation
    New Rockford Community Foundation
    New Salem Area Community Foundation
    Oakes Area Community Foundation
    Park River Community Endowment Fund
    Parshall Area Community Foundation
    Pierce County Endowment Fund
    Richardton Area Community Foundation
    Rolla Community Endowment Fund
    Rugby Community Endowment Fund
    Sherwood / Antler Community Foundation
    Stanley Area Community Foundation
    Strasburg Area Community Foundation
    Tioga Community Foundation
    Towner County Community Foundation
    Walhalla Area Community Foundation
    Westhope Area Community Foundation
    Williston Area Community Foundation
    Wishek Area Community Foundation

Current North Dakota Law*

State Tax Credit for Planned or Deferred Gifts Individuals may receive a state tax credit for a planned gift (e.g., charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities, life insurance policies, etc.) to a qualified N.D. charitable nonprofit or a qualified N.D. endowment. The tax credit is 40% of the charitable deduction allowed by the IRS up to a maximum credit of $10,000 per year per taxpayer or $20,000 per year per couple filing jointly. Effective for taxable years starting in 2007.

State Tax Credit for Endowment Gifts

Businesses (C corporations, S corporations, estates, limited liability companies, trusts and financial institutions) that pay state income tax may receive a 40% credit up to a maximum credit of $10,000 for contributions to a qualified N.D. endowment. Effective for taxable years starting in 2007, except for financial institutions effective in 2011.

Individuals may receive a state tax credit for a contribution of $5,000 or more (lump sum or aggregate in one year) to a qualified N.D. endowment. The tax credit is 40% of the charitable deduction allowed by the IRS up to a maximum credit of $10,000 per year per taxpayer or $20,000 per year per couple filing jointly. Effective for taxable years starting in 2011.

Definitions under State Law

Qualified nonprofit organization – a N.D. incorporated or established 501(c)(3) organization to which contributions qualify for federal charitable income tax deductions with an established business presence or location in North Dakota.

Qualified endowment – a permanent, irrevocable fund (comprising cash, securities, mutual funds or other investment assets established for a specific charitable, religious or educational purpose and invested for the production or growth of income, or both, which may either be added to principal or expended) held by a qualified nonprofit organization, a community foundation or a bank or trust company holding the fund on behalf of a qualified nonprofit organization.

*See ND Century Code 57-38-01.21.