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Meet a Member: Enchanted Highway

The Enchanted Highway's mission is to increase awareness of and participation in the arts through the medium of metal and to try to bring new vitality to our community. Enchanted Highway has the vision of helping Regent become the metal art capital through designing each of the storefronts with metal art. Our goal is to have 11 metal sculptures on the Enchanted Highway to help in the design and creation of Regent into the Metal Art Capital. We have begun to try to become self-sufficient as a foundation by having a gift shop, and now we have designed the old school into a hotel, the Enchanted Castle. The front of the school has been designed to look like a castle, and each room is a mini suite that has a castle theme.

The highway has a counter that was installed when the highway was built, and at first it showed a count of around 6,000 travelers coming down the road. Now it shows a count of roughly 18,000 travelers. We also have a guest book at the gift shop that shows that we have had visitors from all 50 states and many foreign countries. We have been featured in many articles and radio and TV spots. We feel that we are becoming one of North Dakota’s major tourist attractions.

For more information, visit the website or contact Gary Greff at 701-563-6400.