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Meet a Member: North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives

North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives’ (NDAREC) vision is to be an indispensable network of member cooperatives that enrich the lives of their consumers and the communities in which they live. NDAREC is the trade association for the state’s 16 distribution co-ops and five generation and transmission co-ops in North Dakota. It was incorporated in 1958 and is located in Mandan.

Today, NDAREC (also commonly referred to as Statewide) works with the state's network of electric cooperatives to provide a complete package of quality services in communications, government relations, safety training, professional development and economic development. Membership in the association is voluntary. It is offered to any electric cooperative organized for the purpose of operating electrical generating plants or transmission and distribution systems in the state of North Dakota.

NDAREC’s member electric cooperatives collectively sell more than half of all the electricity sold in North Dakota. Electric cooperatives have operated in the state for about 75 years. Originally, consumers created them to improve the quality of life on the state’s farms and ranches. Over time, these cooperatives have invested more than $1 billion in plants and facilities to distribute electric power to more than 115,000 member owners. In addition, the five generation and transmission cooperatives operating in the state have invested more than $5 billion in coal conversion facilities and a network of high voltage transmission lines. By working together through NDAREC, the members can achieve more in terms of effectiveness and efficiency than they can by working alone.

NDAREC also publishes the North Dakota LIVING magazine, which has grown to be the state’s largest circulation publication with average monthly circulation of around 75,000.

For more information about North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives, visit the website or contact Dennis Hill at 701-663-6501.