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Meet a Member: North Dakota Humanities Council

North Dakota Humanities Council
The North Dakota Humanities Council (NDHC) is a statewide nonprofit dedicated to transforming lives and strengthening communities by offering free educational and cultural experiences that allow everyone the opportunity to reach their full human potential. The humanities inspire our vision of a thoughtful, respectful, actively engaged society that will be able to meet the challenge of sustaining our democracy across the many divisions of modern society and deal responsibly with the shared challenges we currently face as members of an interdependent world.

Vibrant communities must constantly renew themselves. Sources of that renewal lie in the humanities—in understanding the lessons found in the history of the human experience, in seeing the connections between ideas and our daily lives, in hearing stories that help us understand who we are and what we stand for, and sustaining and enhancing the diversity that makes us whole. The NDHC strives to make the places we live and work places of innovation, creativity and enlightenment by offering educational and cultural experiences that are personally renewing, intellectually invigorating and community building. The humanities bring beauty to our lives, preserve and renew our stories, and sustain and enhance the diversity that makes us whole.

The NDHC offers free programs across the state. Many projects are funded through our generous grant program. We welcome all inquiries on potential collaborations and funding opportunities.

For more information about North Dakota Humanities Council, visit the website or contact Brenna Gerhardt at 701-255-3360.