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Meet a Member: Guardian & Protective Services, Inc

Guardian & Protective Services, Inc

Guardian & Protective Services Inc. (GaPS) is located in Bismarck and serves many communities in central and western North Dakota. Its mission is to serve vulnerable adults who are in need of protective services because they have no capable family or friends to serve. The types of protective arrangements offered include social security representative payee, power of attorney for finances, healthcare agent, VA fiduciary, guardian, conservator, trustee and executor for estates.

The goal of GaPS is to fulfill the community need for adult protective arrangements. It focuses on the financial stability and the safety and well-being of the individual, in the least restrictive environment, linking individuals with other needed community resources and educating the public on advanced healthcare directives and elder abuse and exploitation.

The vision of GaPS is that all communities throughout North Dakota have protective service providers available to meet the growing, critical needs of protecting vulnerable adults from exploitation and abuse.

GaPS’ protective services for vulnerable adults brings positive, effective change that improves and stabilizes lives. In addition, its services impact the professional entities in the community. It ensures that continuity of care the medical providers and public health nurses recommend is followed through with an end result of medical stabilization. GaPS also assist legal professionals, courts/judges, law enforcement, financial institutions and many others during critical times of need to address and resolve exploitation and neglect of vulnerable adults.

For more information about the Guardian & Protective Services Inc, visit the website or contact Judy Vetter at 701-222-8678.