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Meet a Member: Tobacco Free North Dakota

Tobacco Free North Dakota

The mission of Tobacco Free North Dakota (TFND) is to improve and protect the public health of all North Dakotans by reducing the serious health and economic consequences of tobacco use, the state's number one cause of preventable disease and death. TFND is working to restrict the ability of the tobacco industry to market tobacco and to change the social environment to support nonsmoking through advocacy for public and private sector policy change and community mobilization.

Over the course of many years and with the support of our members and partnerships of many national, state and local organizations, TFND has helped grow public support for and make progress in tobacco prevention through education, advocacy and shaping policy. North Dakota has one of the country's strongest smoke-free laws, one of only two states in the nation that fully funds a comprehensive tobacco prevention program, and the list of tobacco-free schools, universities and parks is growing each day. These policies are not only proven to reduce and prevent tobacco use, but they also encourage North Dakotans to live and model healthy lifestyles that, in turn, save both money and lives.

To learn more about TFND, visit the website or contact Executive Director Erin Hill-Oban at 701-223-5613.