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Meet a Member: Farm Rescue

North Dakota Rural Water Systems Association
North Dakota Rural Water Systems Association (NDRWSA) enhances the quality of life in small communities by providing technical, managerial and financial assistance to public water and wastewater utilities. The mission is to educate, support and lead members in providing quality service to their customers.

There is an insufficient quality and quantity of water for rural, municipal, industrial and agricultural needs in many areas throughout North Dakota, which inconveniences residents and slows down the economic growth of the state. The formation and operation of North Dakota's 32 rural and regional water systems has helped to bring a supply of safe, reliable and affordable water to many areas. This unprecedented water development has made it possible for community and rural sustainability and economic growth.

NDRWSA is committed to the vision of quality water on tap for all citizens of North Dakota. They do this by coordinating the efforts of communities, tribal systems and rural water systems to complete the water infrastructure in North Dakota as well as working with local, private, state and federal interests to creatively finance water projects.

To learn more about NDRWSA, visit their website or contact Eric Volk at 701-258-9249.