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Nonpartisanship on Bargaining Table in Congressional Negotiations

Ask Sen. Hoeven to Protect Johnson Amendment

Nonpartisanship on Bargaining Table in Congressional Negotiations

Charitable nonprofits across our state support the Johnson Amendment, the federal law that prohibits partisan, election-related activities for or against candidates for public office and protects charitable nonprofits from attempts to politicize our organizations and divert donations to campaigns.

That law is at risk this month, and Sen. Hoeven is in a key position to protect nonprofit nonpartisanship. NDANO is asking for your help in urging him to stand with us and the North Dakota nonprofit community by delivering this message:

Partisanship has NO place in charitable organizations – whether churches, charities or foundations. Oppose all efforts in conference to include a controversial anti-Johnson Amendment rider to the Financial Services spending bill, H.R.6147.

You can contact him by phone (202-224-2551), tweet (@SenJohnHoeven) or email. Even better, do all three! Then let us know you’ve made the contact and forward this message to others in your network.

NOW is the time to take action! Thank you for your advocacy!



A provision in a U.S. House-passed appropriations bill would effectively prevent the IRS from enforcing the Johnson Amendment against churches for even the most egregious violations, including spending charitable assets to support political candidates. The Senate version of the spending bill does not include the anti-Johnson Amendment language. A House-Senate conference committee has been created to work out the differences between the separate versions of the appropriations bill, and the anti-Johnson Amendment provision is one of the most controversial items in their negotiations.

Sen. Hoeven has been named one of the 25 members of the conference committee that will be meeting as early as this week. It is imperative he understand the vast majority of the charitable, religious and philanthropic community in North Dakota and across the country strongly oppose the anti-Johnson Amendment language in H.R. 6147 and that, as a conferee, we’re counting on him to work to ensure it is not included in the bill that comes out of conference.

With Sen. Hoeven on the spending bill conference committee, North Dakota charitable nonprofits, houses of worship and foundations have the opportunity, and duty, to make our support for the Johnson Amendment known. Please take action now!

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